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Introduced in 2003, More Than ERA™ is the only pitching performance system that is designed to help coaches teach the art of pitching. The More Than ERA™ Pitching Performance System is a combination of proprietary pitching performance software and pitching charts. Coaches that have used the More Than ERA™ Pitching Performance System have seen significant improvements in the performance of their pitchers with earn run averages being reduced by 25% to 40% after utilizing the system. The More Than ERA™ Pitching System has been specifically tailored to the needs of Baseball Coaches, Girls Softball Coaches and Youth Baseball Coaches.


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The More Than ERA™ Pitching Software is easy to install and easy to use and generally requires about 10 minutes to enter data from a typical game. The system comes with standard reports that quickly turn mountains of data into concise information that focuses on specific aspects of pitching.

The More Than ERA™ Pitching Charts are unique in baseball for their ease of use and amount of information that can be gathered from each chart. For those who are not familiar with charting pitches we include a graphic illustration and instructions with each pad of charts.

Getting Started: The importance of Strike One

Your best foot forward; get going in the right direction;
important to get a good start; all cliché terms that leaders use to describe
the importance of the beginning action and that it should be positive. Pitching
is no different; we want to get started on the best possible path to success.
In each at-bat there is a critical moment that a pitcher can begin the best
possible path to success…FIRST PITCH STRIKES. Any person, in softball or baseball,
will tell you there lay a dramatic difference in the success of an at-bat that
begins 0-1, than begins 1-0.

The reason lies at the most basic fundamental level, confidence.
A pitcher who is 0-1, feels confident to explore the strike zone, throw a
second or third pitch in their repertoire and know that if he or she misses or is
unsuccessful, the count is… (continued)

Introduction for CAP Video

This three-minute video demonstration of More than ERA™ Pitching Performance Software was prepared by Rick Harig of Cognitive Advantage Program (CAP).

In 2005 Rick created and developed CAP, which is a systematic performance and development coaching program. CAP is dedicated to helping players develop a strong, positive mental game, building confidence in themselves, teaching each player how to visualize the game and to play the game one pitch and a time. We think Rick’s program is terrific and can help players and parents at every level of the game. The San Diego Padres, the University of Nebraska, and Texas A &M are some of his more high profile clients.

Rick is also the head baseball coach at Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado and has coached over 22 seasons at Fairview and has scouted part-time for three different MLB teams for over 15 years. Rick prides himself in preparing baseball players for the next level not only with skill development, but also with the mental edge that will carry them throughout all aspects of their lives.

If you are interested in finding out more about CAP visit baseball-cap.net.