Customer Testimonials

We know our software and pitching charts work, but it's our customers who really tell the story! Read on...

"I feel that More Than ERA™ is the most effective charting system I have ever used. The feedback from the charts provided easy and useful information to pass along to our pitching staff. The information used built consistency in our pitching program from start to finish!"

- Derek Johnson, Assistant Baseball Coach, Vanderbilt University

"I have finally found pitching specific software that 'matches' our system…More than ERA™ provides detailed yet functional pitching chart that all of our pitcher's can navigate… The program assists what I'm trying to teach our pitchers and gives me a more realistic view of each pitcher's actual success. Thanks … for creating this pitching tool that has assisted our staff in developing at such a high level in only 1 season."

- Butch Thompson, Assistant Head Coach, Mississippi State University

"…parents of young pitchers can use the system to begin teaching excellent fundamentals and instilling the mental aspect of the game into youngsters' minds early, which surely will give them a huge edge on the competition later in their careers."

- Brian Gotta, Publisher, Coach Deck, On Deck Newsletter

"Instead of coaches telling their players how they performed now I just give them the reports and the pitchers see their performance on paper… Our strike to ball ratio improved… the number of walks we issued went down…As a whole, teams hit only .260 against us and we did not have a single pitcher who threw over 85 mph… We were picked to finish dead last in our league but we finished 3rd place!"

- Miguel Aceves, Pitching Coach, WB Ray High School, Corpus Christi, TX