The Importance of Learning and Learning From Others

Bootcamp Handout Cover

As I wrote earlier on Facebook, I went to Ron Wolforth’s Ultimate Pitching Coaches Bootcamp for my second year in a row this past weekend. In addition to these bootcamps I have travelled to many conventions and clinics for the purpose of expanding my pitching and baseball knowledge; including pitching hot stoves and clinics at the American Baseball Coaches Associations conventions, and those events along with this bootcamp offer me something essential to my personal and professional development: continuous learning and conversations about pitching and baseball.

Talking and learning about baseball, and specifically pitching, is an important process to players, coaches and parents for the primary reason that we don’t have all the answers and we don’t have all the questions. We must never stop learning as players and coaches. New tools, concepts and activities are always being developed to enhance individual and team skills and knowledge. The moment we feel we have reached the end of learning, is the moment someone has passed our abilities.

What does this mean to parents and coaches of young ball players?

What it means is that you cannot rely upon ESPN, Fox Sports or MLB TV baseball expert opinions or just one single book. If your child wants to succeed, it is important you and your child look to all means to expand your knowledge and skills.

As player we are never done nor a complete player; new grips on pitches, new training methods, new theories for practices in and outdoors. If becoming a professional player or coach is something you wish for yourself; then learning and your pursuit of knowledge will be a life long journey.

More than ERA is a company that prides itself on expanding knowledge and encouraging never ending improvement. Our reports and charts ask players to look beyond the wins, losses, strikes outs and statistics published in newspapers; and offers means to continually improve their performance, expand the knowledge about pitching and help each player to map a path to become the pitcher they want to be. More than ERA can be a tool for parents, players and coaches, for improving deficiencies and enabling success.